Tuesday, July 12, 2011

summertime at my house

                                             Thought I would share some pictures of my house,garden, and the loss of our tree from a violent storm that passed through last night
                                   My front porch where I enjoy many hours on the porch swing
                                                So this year I bought a topsy turvy just to experiment and see if it worked.  It does but I need to water it two times a day.
                                      Some shots of my shade garden and my neighbors yard too. That is her garden shed in the back ground. My husband built it for her.
                               Just another shot of my shade garden and my neighbors back yard.

 Now this is my vegetable garden. Has really shurnk down from years past. Carrots,green beans,tomato plant(1), and pepper plants and a whole lot of flower/weeds around it
                                                         GREEN BEANS            
                                                       TOMATO PLANT
                                             my poor tree we lost in the storm last night. My favorite tree was so pretty in the spring. Will have to look to replace it next spring.