Wednesday, April 6, 2011

It's Wednesday and I'm Working On.....

Circles for my penny rugs.
Every so often I take a few hours while watching my favorite tv shows to cut out circles.
Yes, I cut each circle out by hand...It's not so bad.
 I just overdyed some wool so I'm cutting some of those colors.
 I label the bag with the size of the circle.
 These are the patterns I use.  I purchased them at JoAnn's.
 Tip: I cut my circle pattern out on sandpaper. 
I then lay the pattern on the wool the sandpaper side down. The sandpaper grips the wool and doesn't slide around. I cut around the circle and I'm done.
 I'm using my circles for a pillow.  I just love how this looks.
 That's my project for Wednesday.
What are you working on today?
I would love to see your project.
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Enjoy your day,
Harvest Moon by the Lake


Bunnies that I better get done or Easter and spring will be over and I will still have bunnies all over the place.  I am running a little behind this year.  I was just thinking you can put bunnies out all the time. I am dressing some in Americana fabrics. 

My next project will be these bears. I bought this pattern a year ago and have not made these cuties yet.  Sweet Meadows Farm happens to be one of my favorite pattern designers.

And I would like you to meet my dog, Lily, she is a puggle we adopted from the dog pound two years ago.  We do not know her past.  We figure she must have been brought up around little kids because when our little granddaughters come from Wisconsin she follows them all over and tries to sleep in bed with them at night.  This is what she does while I craft in my shop.

   And that is how my Wednesday is going.  Hopefully it will be warm enough to work in flower beds real soon then I will post pictures of that.

Have a great day,

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~*~Harvest Moon by the Lake~*~ said...

What a cute little helper Lilly is. I can't wait to see more of your bunnies.

Enjoy your day,