Sunday, April 24, 2011

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

It's Wednesday and I'm Working On....

Woolen Penny Rug Pillows

You can never have too many pillows! 
 I've been stitching the tops of these pillows for the last couple of weeks.
Using the wool that I over dyed.
I have several more that I'm working on.
I just love the look of these.
I wanted to finish them off with some kind of trim but I didn't really know what to do.
As I was roaming the fabric store it came to me.
Why not rick rack?
Well rick rack it is...the perfect finishing for my pillows.
I'll put one of these pillows for sale on the Harvest Moon by the Lake page here on this blog.
I also have some for sale on my here.

Enjoy your day,

I wonder what the other C&PLG gals are up to?

well I am working on items for my  Christmas show in November.  Since the economy has slowed a bit I thought I might as well go ahead and work on Christmas even though it is only April.
New pattern for me from Sweetmeadows farm of a tree topper and LOTS of snowmen ornaments. One from our very own Debbie(barefoot primitives) love this snowman head for my tree.

bear in stocking pattern from countryside crafts

sweetmeadow farm tree topper angel

snowman head pattern from bird in hand

snowman head pattern from barefoot primitives

So that is what i am working on today. Windy very cool day. Cloudy BUT lots of water everywhere.
Wonder what else the ladies are working on today?

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Flowers, Flowers and More Flowers

I love flowers.
I love, love sunflowers!

In our last post Pat shared some pictures of the flowers growing around her house.

 Love these white tulips.
 I think I would have cut these and brought them in the house.
 Maureen had some beautiful flowers in her yard.
 She also planted pansies.
 But at my house here in Wisconsin,
it's still cold and we had a dusting of snow yesterday...yuck.
 So the only flowers I can show you are my hand made flowers.
I picked yellow ones like Pat and Maureen's but
mine are no match to what mother nature and
2 gals with green thumbs can create.
Thanks for sharing your pictures!

Enjoy your day,

Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday flowers

Thought I would take a walk around the yard BEFORE it rains and show you some of the flowers blooming today Friday, April 15. Spring is my favorite time of year with all life renewing itself. It always amazes me after that cold,snowy winter these beauties live to bloom again.
these are my Kaila tulips. My granddaughters name is Kaila and I bought the bulbs from her

                                         some daffodils

the flowers on the side of our house

                              the creeping phlox's are getting ready to burst into full bloom

Our flowering pear tree

close up of our flowering pear tree. It is pretty but it does have a smelly odor.

                                          my neighbors back yard coming into bloom

even the dandelions look pretty this time of year

Pat, not sure how many miles are between us  but you guys are way ahead of us flower-wise.
Here's what's going on in my yard. The forsythia aren't quite ready for a picture yet but here are my daffodils. ~Maureen~

I potted up some pansies for the front porch:

I love my old cement bunny
This color really caught my eye

Pansy's are so cheerful!


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What I'm Workin' On Wednesday!

Well my next piece will be this cross stitch alphabet sampler... so far done in 3 shades of blues. There will probably be bunnies or flowers or birdies or some other such prim goodies added as I progress, but haven't landed on anything specific yet.  ;o)

The sampler is done on 14 count Oatmeal Aida... so I might not even grubby this one up, just go with the mottled appearance of the Oatmeal.  What do ya think?

Blessings my friends!

Friday, April 8, 2011


Ok so I am not a cook. I do not like to cook but when I was in the grocery yesterday I saw this seasoning mix. I was hungury so I threw it in my cart. Well we do not try alot of new food around here but i was determined to make it. I read the back recipe and saw I had everything I needed in my pantry at home. Great! So I bought it and today whipped it up for dinner only I added a few of my own touches. I don't know why because like I said I am not a cook nor do I like to cook. Well to start with here Don and I do not eat Mexican. I think we have been to Taco bell maybe twice in 39 years..... So I knew we liked tacos and I knew he LOVEs beans so what you gonna lose??? here is the recipe on the package


1 1/2 cups of water
1(8oz) can tomato sauce

1 lb ground beef or turkey
1 can(15oz)black beans,drained and rinsed
8 flour tortillas(8 inch) warmed

1 1/2 cup shredded Mexican cheese blend


Mix water,seasoning Mix and tomato sauce until well blended.
BROWN meat in large skillet on medium-high heat. Drain fat. Stir in 1 cup of the sauce mixture and beans.  Spoon about 1/2 cup meat mixture into each tortilla. Fold over sides. Place seam side down in greased 13x9x2 inch baking dish. Top with remaining sauce. Sprinkle with cheese
BAKE in preheated 350 degree oven 15 minutes or until heated through and cheese is melted
Ok I did add my own touch by making 2 cups of minute rice and put in the meat,bean mixture however next time I will only add one cup.
I did not have the 8 inch tortillas so I used the large ones. I used a full 2 cups of cheese too.

I baked it longer then 15 mintues also. so all in all it was good but I like spicy and this is NOT spicy
I have decided you could use any taco seasoning mix in this recipe too instead of the one I purchased.We did have lots of leftovers too. With the rice added to the mixture it really made it go a long way. I have a full bowl of mixture leftover and two full burritos. We each ate one and were full however we are old, a teen or working man or woman would probably need more to fill them up. I could have eaten more but did not want to feel "stuffed"
So that is my exciting cooking day I recommend this dish for large crowds it would go a long way .

some of the ingredients

           the sauce mixed and the cheese
the ground beef browning
the sauce,beans,rice and ground beef filling
tortilla shells filled and in baking pan

sprinkled with cheese and ready for the oven
baked with cheese melted
dinner is ready to serve


Ok this is as exciting as it gets around here. I hope you enjoyed being in the kitchen with me today. It really was good and filling.
Happy Friday and happy cooking to you if this is what you like to do. I notice some of my pictures are tagged funny just read at the bottom of them for the picture on top of it. toodles out to the flower beds for me this weekend. Hope the rain holds off for a while.

PS i did use fat free tortilla shells, reduced fat cheese. You could make it healthier I suppose with ground white meat turkey too. I can not tell you the calorie count or anything on this meal.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

It's Wednesday and I'm Working On.....

Circles for my penny rugs.
Every so often I take a few hours while watching my favorite tv shows to cut out circles.
Yes, I cut each circle out by hand...It's not so bad.
 I just overdyed some wool so I'm cutting some of those colors.
 I label the bag with the size of the circle.
 These are the patterns I use.  I purchased them at JoAnn's.
 Tip: I cut my circle pattern out on sandpaper. 
I then lay the pattern on the wool the sandpaper side down. The sandpaper grips the wool and doesn't slide around. I cut around the circle and I'm done.
 I'm using my circles for a pillow.  I just love how this looks.
 That's my project for Wednesday.
What are you working on today?
I would love to see your project.
Don't forget to sign up as a follower and for our mailing list.

Enjoy your day,
Harvest Moon by the Lake


Bunnies that I better get done or Easter and spring will be over and I will still have bunnies all over the place.  I am running a little behind this year.  I was just thinking you can put bunnies out all the time. I am dressing some in Americana fabrics. 

My next project will be these bears. I bought this pattern a year ago and have not made these cuties yet.  Sweet Meadows Farm happens to be one of my favorite pattern designers.

And I would like you to meet my dog, Lily, she is a puggle we adopted from the dog pound two years ago.  We do not know her past.  We figure she must have been brought up around little kids because when our little granddaughters come from Wisconsin she follows them all over and tries to sleep in bed with them at night.  This is what she does while I craft in my shop.

   And that is how my Wednesday is going.  Hopefully it will be warm enough to work in flower beds real soon then I will post pictures of that.

Have a great day,

Friday, April 1, 2011


No April Fool joke the name has been drawn.
Debbie, Barefoot primitives, drew the name this morning from our mailing list and sent it to me. I am off to email the winner and will announce the winner later today.

Thanks for taking time to sign up for our mailing list. Debbie says she has our first news letter ready to email out to watch your emails for exciting news from C&plg ladies

and the winner is Sandy T.

Your doll will be in your home next week. Planning on shipping her out on Monday morning. Thank you all for signing up for our new mailing list. I heard some rumors there will be more giveaways in the future for mailing list signups. Please keep checking back with us to see when.

Up at the top AND over to the right you will see our names and shops.
Please check out our items we have for sale. 
Thank you and HAPPY SPRING!!
Summer is closer then winter now all in good time  :o)