Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Attention Dear Readers

We are trying something new to us here in blogger world. We are making some new pages on our blog to sell our handmades etc from. Notice the tabs up above there just under our banner with member's names?  Click on them to see items for sale by the creator directly from this blog. Then just click the Home tab to return to the main page. We hope you like this feature!



oh how neat !! how did you do this??
I love it...
tell us how you did this.Please


Maureen said...

Maurine, we are still figuring out the fine details ourselves but to create a new page, when you sign in to blogger to make a new post notice the tabs underneath the new post heading. One is for edit pages. Click on that one and you can make a new page. Hope this helps you.
Happy blogging!

Leanne said...

Blogging and Shopping!!!! Doesn't get much better than this!!!
Enjoy your day,

Becky said...

How Fun!