Monday, July 26, 2010

SUMMERTIME... and the livin is easy....

well it is summer and we are all out and about enjoying the pretty weather. Personally I love the hot humid weather but I know others do not.
This is how I try to spend as much time as possible during the summer because winter is right around the corner *blek* I am not a winter fan at all.
so if I was a rich woman this is where I would probably like to live *DAYTONA BEACH FLORIDA* We spend a week there every year and I love it. I think I could easily be a beach bum.

Then when we are home I try to spend as much time as possible outside. Although I must say the humidity has been to high even for me. But we have an above ground pool so enjoying that this summer. Grandkids and our grown kids have been here a lot this summer so it has been very busy. Plus we had two granddaughters graduate from high school. One in Wisconsin and one in Tennessee so we were on the road for about two months straight. But there is NO PLACE like home.

Although I have loaded my shop on ETSY with alot of items this week. Hurry over and check out YELLOWSWEETPOTATO Etsy shop..
Well I wish you all a happy fun filled summer.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Elephant Stew Recipe

I purchased a cookbook at the Salvation Army Thrift Shop this morning and found this unusual recipe in it.

1 med size elephant, 2 rabbits (optional) salt and pepper

Cut the elephant into small bite-size pcs. This will take about 2 months. Cook over a 465 deg kerosene fire about 4 wks. Serves 3800 people. If more are expected,the 2 rabbits may be added but do it only if necessary, most people don't like hare in their stew.