Friday, July 10, 2009

Christmas in July

If you are in need of a Christmas "fix" take a peek at this beautiful punchneedle ornament. I used a wool pennyrug pattern from an old issue of Country Marketplace magazine and made it into a punchneedle piece, then placed it into a metal candle lid. I'm still working on how to put a stylish hanger on it. Any ideas?

Some of the ladies of CPLG are doing Christmas in July auctions this year, please head on over and visit us on eBay.
A little crafting tip... if you are using the new corn eco-fill, don't put your crafts in the oven. I baked a doll last night and she needed to be re-stuffed afterwards. The eco-fill shrunk! I personally am not a fan of this stuff, but I have a box I have to use up then it's back to my favorite - poly fil. So soft!
♥Marissa of Raggedy Cabin♥


Doris said...

What a lovely ornament. Hand made ornaments are the best! I would probably use a nice bright ribbon, maybe silver, attached to the back for hanging. I'm not very original.

Cotton Eyed Jo said...

'Rissa, that is lovely! I thought about an old key for the hanger, or even a modern key that you don't need any longer. They all have a hole to fit on key rings... Tink