Wednesday, April 22, 2009

what i am doing Wednesday

Well let me tell you I have been sick for the last week. It has been about 10 years since I have had a cold/flu so I must say YUK.
I feel a lot better today so thought I would go out to my shop and work on items for our CPLG craft show that is starting on April 28.
Here is my shadow today when I am trying to take pictures such a help LILY is

I have had this pattern for a flower annie doll for about a year or two and finally got one finished. I love the fabrics on this doll. Barb found this for me at hobby lobby. The doll is finished and she is cute. I put silk flowers with her instead of the fabric ones the pattern had. This doll will be for sale in our on line craft show

Now I will show you all the pictures of my shop and all the items I am taking pictures of.

Lst me add here we have most of our booth done for the show on April 28 and OH MY GOODNEss such talent in this group and so many wonderful items will be for sale
hope you will all check out our booth next week.

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Doris said...

What a cute doll. I'm sure someone will give her a good home. I'd like to give Lily a good home! teehee