Thursday, March 5, 2009


Ok I have worked on her and now have her finished. She is a doll I made from a pattern of PRIMRAGGS. She is one of the girls.LOL
Now to enter to win this cutie you will need to

1- follow our blog if you do not already

2- enter a comment and let me know if you are growing a garden this year
3-Since I am in a spring mood I need to know what you will be growing and if you have ever grown it before.
4- and you will get an extra name in the drawing if this is posted on your blog


Now let me tell you a little about this little lady. I have sewn her from coffee stained muslin. She is about 10 inches tall. She has mustard color homespun bloomers on, Her skirt is muslin, the top of her dress is homespun. I have tied a key to her waist. I have embroidered her face on, sewn two black buttons for eyes, stitches a homespun nose and blushed her cheeks. I have sewn embroidery floss hair on her head. I have signed and dated her on the back of her head. I have tied a hanger on the back of her so you can display her hanging or sitting.



Good luck to all that enter and I hope she will go to a new home that will love her




Janette said...

Oh She is Adorable! I already follow you and yes I will have a garden this year and I must admit I dont have a green thumb but I am learning. I will try to grow tomatoes, cucumbers, hot peppers(for hubby sons), maybe a pumkin too? I did that once by accident!LOL

my little annies said...

Hi Pat I am a follower, and yes we will be doing a garden this spring, we plant tomatoes, corn, squash, and hot peppers! my husband does most of the work so I say it is his garden. Can't wait till he starts planting LOL!! I will post your give-a-way on my blog sometime today.

Denni said...

Hi. I just found your cute blog. I am growing a garden this year. I did last year also and was so excited as we got potato's, cantelope and pumpkins out of it. That was the first time cantelope had ever worked for me. I'm going to make my garden bigger and do those same things and I think I will add corn and maybe some carrots as well. I was so excited about my cantelope that I'm still glowing about it. I had a baby last summer so I didn't think the garden was going to do so well but it did great. The kids love the accomplishment of growing something theirselves too.

Connie said...

I am following and will post your give-away. I love gardens but have terrible soil. I tried raised beds and everything. Finally gave up and can only hope for a small flower bed. I love garden veggies so I feel sad about it every year.

Wendy said...

I love this little doll, so sweet. I found you though Connie (post above) Will add to mine if I can figure out how, brand new to Blog world. I will again try a veg garden, have a black thumb. I will add Beans this year, never really liked fresh but will try to learn.

Gail said...

Hi, I just found your blog through Connie. What a darling wee doll, she would be a grand addition to my other dolls.
I just became a follower, I am already gardening, my seeds are started and up, we will harvest tomatoes, squash, peas, peppers, lettuce, spinach and herbs and flowers. Our place is still under construction so I will garden in wine barrels again this year.

Doris said...

HI, the little doll is adorable. I will plant lots of flowers and possibly some herbs this year.

Sew Practical said...

Hello CPLG friends! I miss you all! Pat I'm lucky to keep the house clean so I don't have a garden. Just don't have time....but I have time to adore this little doll if she makes it to my house. Ü

My Big Mouth said...

I found your giveaway from the PrimMart forum.
Your Annie and adorable!
I use to garden when I was very young,all the way up to my late teens.My mother taught me well.Both my daughters during the begaining of winter expressed an interest in making a garden.So,with the help of my mother,we are starting one.We haven't decided upon what we want to grow just yet.

yorkie's primitives said...

The doll is beautiful! Please put my name in.
I always plant a garden. Tomatoes, onions, okra, cucumbers and green beans. Last year I tried gourds(didn't have much luck), broom corn(loved it), sunflowers, and sweet annie. This year I am going to try a couple hills of sweet potatoes(never done these before) and I hope they grow well.
I will be posting this on my blog, for such a great giveaway, Valerie

Primitive Kountry said...

OMG she is so cute.
I am following ya now!
I do a garden every year. We plant, tomato's, onions, corn, cucumbers, peppers, pumpkins, green beans, etc. I usually make salsa and homemade spag sauce. Also different types of pickles. I have a BIG garden.
Off to post on my blog now.
thanks for a great contest!

Aunt Pitty Pat's said...

Whoot Whoot what a fun little girl....Your Annie is adorable.. please enter me into your drawing. I will be growing tomatoes, hot peppers and green beans :) I have to have home made salsa in the summer and I can it for the winter months also :)

TeresaM said...

If I'm not too late please enter me in your contest! The doll is so cute! I already follow your blog and we plant a veggie garden every year. We grow regular and grape tomatoes, red & green peppers, onions, green beans and eggplant. Last year we planted some strawberry plants and blueberry bushes so anxious to see if they grow! Can't wait to play in the dirt!

dee begg said...

Oh, I love your Annie. I will have a garden this year. The dh is already planting strawberry plants to transplant in our huge garden. Now to just keep the deer out of them. We will also grow tomatoes, peppers, squash, cucumbers, cantalope and hopefully we will get gourds to grow this year. I'm determined...I want some to paint on. I'm adding you to my blog too...if I can figure out how! LOL!

Stellar Creations said...

I just found your blog after clicking off many other blogs. I LOVELOVELOVE your annie, I have the perfect spot for her in my home. I am going to be planting my first garden this year and I can't wait. We purchased a 38 acre farm last year and I'm now ready to devote myself to a garden. I just started seeds for tomatoes, squash, cucumbers, watermelon, cantalope, and some herbs. I can't wait to see how it grows. I am a new follower to your blog, I love it.


Becky said...

Me me! Pick me!

We have been hoping to plant a box garden one year, but due to the current critter population we're going to wait until we plan it better. We have a salsa pot on our patio that has tomato and pepper plants. Hopefully we'll get to harvest something before either the bugs or coons get to them.

Love your dolly! You items are always so cute.

cyndi said...

HI, found your blog through Brenda's at My Little Annies, Love your little dollie, and I always grow gardens...mostly flower gardens, have MANY on my two acres in the country....This year am going to plant pumpkins and set up a stand to sell them along with my wood crafts...people love lil country markets around here, that's my goal....thanks for considering me for your giveaway...!!!

Lavender Dreamer said...

How sweet! We are not having a garden this year but when we don't have one...we usually plant the whole area in peanuts! So yummy and the grandkids love to hunt for dirty peanuts! heehee! Love your sweet dolls! Thank you!

Sharon/primthyme said...

Hi,This is a really cute doll !! Please enter me.I'am following the blog. I will be doing tomatoes,maybe peppers,not sure yet,but ,tons of flowers.
Thank you !!

Lisalou said...

Pat, she is so cute! Thanks so much for your giveaway! I have joined your blog and yes, I guess you could say I have a mini garden.

For the first time, I am trying my hand at 2 pepper plants and one tomato. I also planted a few herbs.

I will be glad to post you on my blog! Good luck!

minishoes said...

You are one talented lady! I love the stuff you make and the giveaway is great!
I will try again this yr to grow tomatoes. last yr, nothing the little flowers kept follow off. I would love to grow brocolli and okra. But I do not have a green thumb. I have never tryed to grow those. It wouldn't hurt to try. i follow thanks

upnorthcin said...

hello from MN @@ I love you little cutie and yes am growing a garden, I am planting garlic. did before turned out great ! For the first time I am planting some sweet annie !!!

Lou said...

Your doll quilt is so adorable! I would love a chance to win - hope I am not too late! Thanks! Lou

Lou said...

Sorry if I have 2 posts: I got lost! lol

I love your little rag doll and would love a chance to win.

I haven't planted a garden yet, here in N.C., but I am planning to make raised beds this year. I plan to grow tomatoes and cucs, at least. I had alot of tomotoe plants last year, which I started from seed, but I got such a late start, I didn't get many tomotoes until late in the Summer.