Wednesday, February 11, 2009

What have you been Working on Wednesday!

What have I been working on?

These long dark evenings are a perfect time to work on my penny rugs.
Remember these fabrics?
Remember I told you I was cutting out circles?
Well I'm still cutting out circle after circle after circle and then sitiching on circle after circle after circle. You wouldn't believe how good I'm getting at cutting circles...I am almost at pro level.
These are a great craft to do while watching tv.
Here are some of the penny rugs made.
I have quite a few made already. I try to make as many as I can for my craft fairs this fall...that's why I'm using such dark colors.
Back to stitching!
~*~Harvest Moon by the Lake~*~


TeresaM said...

Your penny rugs are wonderful!!! I too enjoy working with the wool and creating the penny rugs after I set down for the evening.


Becky said...

Your rugs are so pretty! I love dark colors...spring, summer, fall, winter...I don't care.

You should list them in your eBay store. I betcha you'd sell some before your Fall craft show!

It's fun to see a finished project! I'm glad you posted them.