Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Five Questions about Wednesday:

Question #1: Who visited us today?

Answer: Shiloh (and his three siblings)

Question #2: Who is pouty today?

Answer: Emily. She is quite upset the raccoons are back.

Question #3: Who knows how to spend a day in luxury?

Answer: That would be none other than Sam. If the question had been "Who thinks she's a princess?" the answer would have been the same.

Question #4: How do you make your husband see stars?

Answer: Leave these in the dark pathway's traveled barefoot at night. I highly recommend you wear earplugs to bed and leave the potty-mouth soap handy.

Question #5: Who just noticed that the Christmas decorations on the front portico were inadvertently bypassed on clean-up day?

Answer: ummmm, yep, that was ME...despite the fact that I walk by it at LEAST twice a day.

Sorry for all my gal pals dealing with snow today. I thought posting pictures of our flowers and green yard would be too cruel.


Maureen said...

Your cats are so pretty. When I saw the first picture without knowing who posted, I thought hey where's the snow??? Thank you for sparing the rest of us the torture of outdoor flowers. The ground around the racoon made me homesick for spring.
In our house it used to be Legos that brought out the potty mouth! lol

~*~Leanne~*~Harvest Moon by the Lake~*~ said...

Hi Becky,
Love your kittys! Post your outdoor reminds me that there is better weather ahead...way ahead. LOL

Barefoot Primitives said...

Oh yeah Becky, let's see the great sunny-no-snow-no-ice-dry weather pictures! We promise not to throw snowballs!! ROFL

All kitties are such royalty and they have no problem at all letting us know in so many ways!

I remember the tiny cars and trucks left on the floor for bare feet too! Oh those are such pleasant memories! haw haw haw!