Saturday, January 31, 2009

February Give Away!!

Here Ye Here Ye! Come one! Come all to the CPLG February Freebie!!

This month's give away is a little collection of goodies!
You get two sawdust filled pinkeeps in a quality quilt shop material, tied with aged string and some pins and Sweet Annie tucked in ~ An olde hankie that has Be Mine embroidered ~ 3 wool felt, blanket stitched hearts with rusty bells ~ A bobbin pen, yes it works ~ A bunch of my homegrown and dried Lavender tied with aged string, and 3 'lil Valentine image cards.


First, let me mention, I'm Debbie of Simple Country Blessings. I'm in the process of transforming myself to Barefoot Primitives, a name I've wanted for quite awhile! It's a daunting task to say the least! LOL

So with that said... here's what you do to get your name in the 'ol hat... one entry for each one you are able do!

1) Leave a comment here about our CPLG blog

2) Leave a comment here with your thoughts on what you'd like to see or not see on my new website and/or blog Barefoot Primitives.... yes I want to de-clutter and get back to simple :o)

3) Click on the freebie picture above, right click and save to your computer and post on your blog and/or website with a link back here... and email me where you put it by clicking my name box below

4) Become a follower of my Barefoot blog (link in #2) and this CPLG blog. If you are already a follower you get an automatic entry

5) Let me know what kind of prims you'd like to see me create in 2009!

In case my siggy above doesn't work:

So you have several chances... and you are more than welcome to simply add a quick comment here and email me with everything else... you'll still be entered for each thing you're able to do!

I will pick the winner on February 6th and post in here. I will also contact you through your blog or website if I'm able, so check back here to be double sure!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

A day late.... :)

Well, it is Thursday instead of Wednesday, and today I have been hooking on a rug for a challenge. I'm hoping that it will catch a buyers eye at the next Green Market, February 8th at Discovery Green Park in Houston. This will be my first Sunday afternoon sale, hope if you are in Houston, you'll drop by the park to say HI!

I'm working on sewing items such as pinkeeps, Easter bunnies and chicks, chenille eggs, some upcycled nests and eggs, and will of course bring along my rugs. I'm having a great time with stitching them up!

But my best part of any Wednesday is our sweet granddaughter! She is almost a year old, has 4 teeth and a giggle that would melt the coldest heart! What a blessing to me to share the days with her...

Quilting bee in the evening, where my dear friend Sharon fixed Coconut Cake with Coco Loco Coconut milk. Everyone just ooohed, when she told us what it was. Her recipe came from Janet, another dear friend who is renouned for her desserts. No, we don't usually sew a stitch at the meetings.

We do projects together, and I've put a picture of one of our group quilts at the top of this post! We each made 70 or so blocks with the tulips all the same color, and then swapped with everyone else. I also made bee appliques, and had them sign the wing for their bee. I put their bee on one of their blocks and grouped special friends together, so that quilt reminds me of so many stories! I embroidered in free motion, "If each thought of a friend were a flower, I'd walk forever in a garden" The sweet ladies of CPLG are one of my favorite parts of that garden!

Orlando: City Beautiful

Orlando means City Beautiful. I selected a few "green" pictures for those of you who are only seeing white (and brown slush) right now.

Rose Bushes

My 8-year old took this one

A beautiful sunset one evening in December

She isn't supposed to be on the table and thinks she's hidden. Included in this post so you could see grass.

Friendship is a beautiful thing

Ocean plants

Winter Sports

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Five Questions about Wednesday:

Question #1: Who visited us today?

Answer: Shiloh (and his three siblings)

Question #2: Who is pouty today?

Answer: Emily. She is quite upset the raccoons are back.

Question #3: Who knows how to spend a day in luxury?

Answer: That would be none other than Sam. If the question had been "Who thinks she's a princess?" the answer would have been the same.

Question #4: How do you make your husband see stars?

Answer: Leave these in the dark pathway's traveled barefoot at night. I highly recommend you wear earplugs to bed and leave the potty-mouth soap handy.

Question #5: Who just noticed that the Christmas decorations on the front portico were inadvertently bypassed on clean-up day?

Answer: ummmm, yep, that was ME...despite the fact that I walk by it at LEAST twice a day.

Sorry for all my gal pals dealing with snow today. I thought posting pictures of our flowers and green yard would be too cruel.

What Am I Working On?

Just finished up this little Annie and...
Penny Rugs!
It seems like I have been cutting out circles for hours...well that's because I have. LOL
I love the stitching but I'm not fond of the cutting out. Did I mention I cut each of the circles out by hand...oh I did...well I just want you to know that I cut out each one of the circles by hand...I've been cutting in circles so long I am now typing in circles. LOL
I listed the Annie today on ebay and will list the penny rug when I finish.
Stay warm,

My Wednesday

Jaja, THANKS for sharing the cheerful springy colors of those ribbons. Can't wait to see what you create with them!Pat, my backyard looks like yours. We are really getting a doozy of a snowstorm here today. I've got a crock pot of chilli simmering for dinner and it smells delicious. I have a small collection of Raggedy Ann dolls. Occasionally I enjoy buying an old one that is missing her dress and then using an old Simplicity pattern I re-outfit her. So far I have made new dresses,bloomers and aprons for three dolls and I have one more that I'm working on. Here is a picture of the gal I finished up today on this snow day.


I'm looking ahead this week to warmer days.

Another Wednesday and MORE SNOW

Enough already geeesh every Wednesday I post it is a major snow storm.
Hopefully Becky, our resident Floridian or Jo, our resident Texan will post on one Wednesday and show us some sunshine.
Here is what I have been doing today
First picture is taken looking out my shop door into my back yard and deck!

here is another picture out my shop door looking towards the road

This is a picture of the doll sitting there waiting for me to finish the face and bow in her hair

Now this is a picture of the treadmill with my shoes sitting on it and I am happy to report I walked my mile already whew

Well here is a picture of my projects I will be working on when I finish this post
I am in a barnyard theme I guess first is the chicken my doll will be holding and the fabric under it is the clothes I have already cut out for the doll. Now I will be going out there after this post and sew I already made two chickens earlier.

Last but not least I am working on two cow dolls. Are they not cute? I made one last year and just loved it so going to sew another one up.

Now that is what is going on in my boring life. Hopefully some of the other members will be in to post what is going on in their lives on this snowy Wednesday.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

It's another "What Are You Working on Wednesday?"

I am working on keeping warm! Honestly, enough already with the low to minus below digit temperatures already. It's supposed to "warm" up to the 20's tomorrow so I am going out to do some errands... no matter what! I am tired of the house and starting
to talk to myself.That's a bad sign isn't it? Anway,I hope some of my group sisters have something more productive to post about today.I am working on a spring bunny but it's slow going with my cold fingers. Time for more tea.......

Friday, January 16, 2009

We have a winner!

Yorkie's Primitives was the winner to our first giveaway this year! Keep checking back as there will be at least one every month... She needs to send her shipping address to If we haven't heard from her within 7 days (by Friday 23) I will draw another winner...

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What have you been Working on Wednesday!

It is freezing outside!!!!!
Can you see how cold it is?
Our temps this morning were -3 with a wind chill of -7....that's cold!

So what's the best meal when it's cold?
I have nacho chips, cheese and sour cream to go with the chili when it's done.
That's what I've been working on today.

Changing our 3 seasons porch back to what is was before I turned it into a winter wonderland. You can look on my blog for pictures of what it looked like for Christmas.
It was so cold in there that I had to wear my winter jacket and gloves.
You can see how frosty the windows got.
I'm trying to think spring but when it's so cold it's really hard. LOL

Harvest Moon by the Lake

What have you been Working On?

ok I am going to add on to Leannes post to show you what I did today. Not much of anything. As you see we had our first HUGE snow for us.
Took these pictures off my front porch and this was this morning and we got about 3 more inches after I took these pictures.
so then I sat in my chair with heating pad on my back the rest of the day. Exciting day at the Moores. Thank the GOOD LORD we did not have to leave the house today. That is the good part of being retired.


Sunday, January 11, 2009

cplg blog: Happy Moo Year!

cplg blog: Happy Moo Year!

Contest Drawing

Just a reminder that Jo has set her contest drawing for the 15th which will be here before we know it! Leave your comment to be included in on the fun. Good luck everyone!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Valentine Themed Auctions

Since I finally got something listed today,I thought I'd refresh your attention to our group's Valentine Auctions on eBay Among our handmade treasures you will see some pipe like items.You can just over look those(unless of course you need some!)as pipe guy is not an official memeber of our group, CPLG. We have anonomously adopted him as an honorary member though since he sells couplings (abbreviated cplg) and does turn up in our auction searches. We often wonder what he thinks of all our prims lol! Maureen (stitchesnmore)