Saturday, October 4, 2008

Happy Fall!!!!

Fall has got to be my favorite time of year! Not too hot - not too cold!
Well since the raccoons, squirrels and deer ravaged my orchard again this year, I had to buy apples. Ugh! They got our peaches, apples and pears, the little thieves! LOL

So for the last couple days, I've been busy cuttin', peelin', cookin', 'n cannin' Apple Sauce, Apple Butter, Apple Jelly, and Apple Pie Filling. And yes, I've got two of those time saving hand crank apple peelers or I'd never be done! We did save a few apples just for munchin' or another yummy apple recipe or two! ;o)

Also made some Apple Dumplings and we took a little break this afternoon and dove into some hot yummy with a cup of coffee. Oh they were wonderful!

Here's just some of the canning... the rest is already in the pantry!
My family likes their applesauce a little chunky instead of the smooth "baby food" type! LOL

Enjoy the season my friends!
~ Debbie

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shweetpotato said...

I had no idea you could even can applesauce hehe, Ohh and pie filling too, awesome, do you want to post the recipes perhaps? Hint Hint :D Carm