Monday, June 9, 2008

Summer Vacation 101

Is there anything better than summer vacation? Whether yours is just a week or two, stretches out for most of the summer, or just the beginning of a retirement ;) here are some of my favorite things about summer vacation. Feel free to add to the list, ladies.

1. Sleeping in from the alarm or sleeping through the alarm. Talk about luxury!

2. Great bargains on fruits and vegetables at the grocery, truckfarm stand, or even better straight from your own garden.

3. Heat (outside) cool ( inside) you can do your favorite, and spend most of your time in the weather zone you prefer.

4. Swimming pool for laps, or floating around just relaxing in the deep end hanging off a noodle.

5. Plenty of time to read, or sew, try new recipes, or dig in the garden, taking a road trip...Jo

DisneyWorld is not my idea of good times, but I hope my sis and her family are having a great time there this week.

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Maureen said...

I would add: hearing and watching the birds and the butterflies that visit the backyard gardens,eating ice cream, finding ways to use all the zucchini neighbors are trying to give away, cooking out on the grill, catching lightening bugs...and letting them go again.