Friday, May 16, 2008

$$$ Saving tips

We have started sharing ideas about how to trim some of the costs of our daily life. Most popular one that was mentioned, was to limit trips to the fewest number of efficient trips possible. Shopping for "manager's specials" at the grocery, or buying generic brands were another common idea. Using coupons to cut more pennies off is another. I join every keytag pennies off group, and personally don't worry if "someone" knows my favorite brand of hair dye or deodorant! If the store brand is on special, it will usually beat a coupon at our grocery, and the quality is generally very close.

On days when the coupons are included, it is sometimes a good investment to buy additional copies of the paper. I used to buy one, calculate the coupons I'll probably really use. If that was over 4 times the price of the paper, and it is usually is... check how soon the expiration dates are, and get ready to clip those coupons! This is especially good if you have a mid week paper that has a food section with coupons. When we first moved to TX, the Wednesday papers were packed full of them, and for a quarter a paper I could get big bucks of savings. Course back in the good ole days, they didn't have expiration dates sometimes!!!

Hope some of my other dear friends will come on in and add the things not included. 'Rissa suggested a website, but I copied and pasted something else over that copy paste and have CRS.... can't remember site! LOL Jo

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