Friday, April 18, 2008

Welcome to our blog

We are so glad you stopped by to meet us. We are a group of ladies that met online through our ebay group. We have been cyber friends for quite a few years. We all sell on ebay. Some have their own websites, and sell on etsy and some have their own personal blogs.

We plan on keeping this fun and interesting so you can get to "know" us a little better and keep you updated on our lives, crafts,themed auctions, and well just a lot of stuff in general. We will be having recipes, techniques, kids pictures, flower gardens(we have a master gardener in our group, her name is Debbie of simplecountryblessings) and an old lady that loves to garden(ME, Pat of yellowsweetpotato) and Marissa of RaggedyCabin she loves to garden and eat the fresh veggies she grows .

I hope you enjoyed this introduction and the other "girls" will be in later to add to it. Except maybe Janna(our leader and country creek Creations) See she is getting packed to move to California. She needs our hugs and support right now she is a lonely lady trying to handle life alone. So here is to you Janna a great big CPLG group hug.

Toodles others will be in to add to this later


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