Monday, April 28, 2008

Strawberry and Raspberry Marshmallow Fluff!!!

If you enjoy watching the Food channel, you may watch Food Unwrapped. I've packed fluffernutter sandwiches for field trips for years. YEARS!!! Imagine my surprise to find out that the delicious marshmallow treat comes in flavors! I wanted to give you a link, but the place where you can see it, is behind a decision of how to pay for and order the stuff.

I have some ordered. Will let you know whether strawberry, raspberry, or the original turns out to be my fav.

1 comment:

TRISH said...

So Jo, which flavor do you think would taste best with peanut butter!! Both flavors sound yummy.
I don't think I've ever watched that program before.
But then Gene rules the clicker :D !!