Tuesday, April 29, 2008


So now you are wondering what I am posting about??? Well BEFORE ebay I sold these dolls at shows and people came back each year because they collected them. Well they did not sell on the internet very well and I had quit doing shows so I moved on and started making raggedy dolls. But here is my advertisement my two daughters and I are doing a fall show in PIGEON FORGE TENNESSEE IN THE BEAUTIFUL GREAT SMOKEY MOUNTAINS. WE WILL BE IN A TENT IN PATRIOT PARK THE THIRD WEEKEND OF OCTOBER. THE PARK IS RIGHT BEHIND THE OLD MILL.
So while they were here this weekend we stopped in at countryside crafts http://www.countrysidepatterns.com/
the little shop I have been going to for years about 25 to be exact. She was having a craft class and these are the new dolls I just fell in love with again. So here is the beginning of the dolls I will be making again. There will be angels, Uncle Sam, Bitsy Ross, trick or treat little kids dressed in their pumpkin costume and a cute little witch and much much more. I will post pictures as I finish them. This is just the beginning today with the wood parts lined up for me to paint. So please keep checking back in and watch the progress.


TRISH said...

Pat, these are lovely.
You make me want to make some for my fall show!! I'd better check out that link.
Perhaps I should finish are my other projects first!!
I'm sure they will do well for you.
I'm hoping the economy turns around by that time.

~*~Leanne~*~ said...

I remember these dolls! They are so cute. They were hot, hot, hot back in the day. They remind me of the Lizzy High dolls(I think that's the name). I have brought back some of my older patterns to make and I was quite successful with them at fairs. I wish you lots of luck. I can't wait to see some of the finished ones...you are always so creative.