Saturday, April 19, 2008


Ever want to know just how in the world to do certain crafting techniques? The ladies of CPLG will be adding their little secrets here for ya! I tell ya, after you've been doing this for a few years, it becomes second nature, so as we think back to our humble beginnings, we'll be adding some goodies for ya here! Feel free to leave a comment on something you're wanting to know how to do and I'm sure one of our talented gals will post an answer in no time!

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Remember those pre-primitive crafting days when it was rusty, ya tossed it out? Never more!

1/4 c. white or cider vinegar
1/4 c. bleach or peroxide
1 t. salt (heaping)

Combine all ingredients in an old quart jar. Add items you want to rust (safety pins, bells, pins, needles, etc), and cover loosely. Tip: Leave those safety pins closed, trust me on this. You'll have a bugger of a time getting a rusty tip through material later. The silver looking safety pins work best, the gold/brass ones just turn pink!

Place this is a SAFE spot away from children and pets! Let it sit 2 days. Due to the smell it emits, I highly suggest a safe outdoor spot. And don't hang your nose over this to watch the immediate reaction of the chemicals! You can ooooh and ahhhh looking through the side! LOL

Now after watching your little concoction for 2 days, ya know ya can't help yourself.... line an old cookie sheet or tray with paper towels. Remove items from mixture.

Tip: A quick and easy way for me is to use an old strainer and pour mixture from one container to another, catching your items in the strainer. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT, pour this mixture down your sink! Dispose of it where children and pets won't come in contact. Don't reuse.

Place your tray in the sun. They will begin to rust as they dry. Turn them over, to dry on all sides. Tip: I find it helpful to do a nice sized batch, or two jars.... for those times when the sun hides from us for awhile in winter.

Ta-Da! You've made your first, of many, batches of primitive rusting goodies!!

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Thanks Debbie! I always wondered how to do sounds like fun!